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Having problems installing your SmartPlug™? See our FAQs for help

General FAQs
What is a Smartplug™?

A Smartplug™ is a small device that fits into your vehicle’s 12v Port (commonly known as the cigarette lighter). There are two parts to the device, the plug – this is the part that goes into the 12v port and the black box – this is the part that collects all your driving data.

What is the Velcro for?

The Velcro is to be stuck to the back of the black box part of the Smartplug™. This is to ensure it is securely placed onto the carpet part within the footwell or under the passenger seat.

DO NOT fit to the loose mat in the footwell.

Why is the Smartplug™ installation position so important?

It is important the Smartplug™ is securely fixed to the carpet either on the side of the centre console or under the passenger seat, using the Velcro provided. Here it is less likely to be kicked or disturbed and the Velcro stops the Smartplug™ from wobbling/moving which will help avoid any false/incorrect crash alerts.

How do I know the plug is working?

Once you have plugged in the plug part of the Smartplug™, we suggest you start the vehicle’s ignition and a dim blue light should be visible on the plug. This light confirms the 12v Port is working.

You should also have two different coloured lights on the black box part of the Smartplug™. It may take a 15 – 20 minute trip, for these two lights to appear.

I have no blue light on my plug.

Your Smartplug™ should display a dim blue light almost immediately. If this does not get the blue light displaying, it may be there is an issue with your 12v Port.

Is my 12v Port working?

You can test this by plugging in a different device i.e. your mobile phone charger.

If you don’t have another device, you can test this by plugging your mobile phone charger directly into the USB port on the Smartplug™ plug itself.

Your 12v port fuse may have blown. Check your vehicle Owner Manual to help resolve this.

My Smartplug™ does not fit in my 12v Port?

All 12v Ports tend to be a generic size and the Smartplug™ is designed to fit very snug, so it remains in place.

Should you continue to experience problems fitting the plug, please call us on 01489 883264.

Will the Smartplug™ affect the performance or warranty on my car?

It doesn’t interfere with the performance of your car and will not affect your manufacturer or dealer warranty.

I can’t see any of my trips on my SDCI app

Your app may not display any trips until you have completed 3 or 4. If after that your trips are still not visible, please contact us on 01489 883264 and we will be able to assist you further.

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