Car Insurance with a difference…

Take a policy with us and we send you a Smartplug™ that simply fits in your car, you get a free app to download and here are just some of the services you will have as a policyholder.

Your Smartplug must remain installed throughout the duration of your insurance with us.

  • 24/7 Crash assistance – we know when you’ve had a crash an can provide help
  • Theft Tracking – we can track your car and try and retrieve it if it is stolen
  • Location and Behaviour – see how, where and when your car is being driven
  • Up to 40% discount on renewal depending on how you drive

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How it all works

Get rewarded with lower premiums with our Intelligent Insurance

There are lots of good drivers who don’t like bearing the cost of bad drivers, if you’re one of them, then Smartdriverclub Insurance could be right for you. It’s as simple as buying a policy, installing your Smartplug™ and driving safely. You’ll also get access to all of the Smartdriverclub Benefits, including crash assistance and Theft tracking. You can find out more about all of the great services from Smartdriverclub here.


Plug in

You may already be a member of our club and have a Smartplug™ fitted but if not, when you take a policy with us we’ll send you one through the post with simple fitting instructions. Conveniently, it just plugs in. There’s no time-consuming setup or configuration. Just get going in your newly connected car.



Take our policy, and we’ll give you a price that assumes you are a smart and safe driver. Then, your Smartplug™ will tell us about your driving and the journeys you take. So if you stay smart, nothing changes.



Because we love smart drivers, we want to keep our good smartdriverinsurance customers and offer them great savings on their insurance. If seemingly smart drivers suddenly turn bad? We’ll let them know and, if they choose to ignore our advice, we’ll ask them to leave the club and cancel their policy. Because if you’re one of our smart drivers, you shouldn’t pay for the price for someone who isn’t.

Find out more about how our Intelligent Insurance works



We send you a handy device in the post, that takes seconds to install yourself. It’s as easy as charging your phone.

Simply hover over the icons below and see some of the services that you get once your Smartplug™ is connected.

  • Crash Assistant
    Crash Assistant
    Your Smartplug™ protects you. If you are in a collision and we cannot contact you, we will direct emergency services to your location.
  • Stolen Car
    Stolen Car
    If your car is stolen, contact us and we will let the police know where to look.
  • Breakdown Help
    Breakdown Help
    Broken down? We can help co-ordinate your recovery with your provider.
  • Service Plan
    Service Plan
    Never forget when your service is due; we'll remind you based on the mileage of your vehicle.
  • My Driving
    My Driving
    Keep track of how well you are driving, keeping fuel costs down and ensuring you and your family are safer on the road.
  • Business Miles
    Business Miles
    Accurately record all of your journeys and download direct to an expenses form at the click of a button.
  • My Deals
    My Deals
    Check out our latest deals to save money on everything from retail to new tyres.
  • Value My Car
    Value My Car
    Get the latest valuation of your car, powered by HPI. Then use that instant price for better deals and finance on your next purchase.
  • Where Did I Park?
    Where Did I Park?
    Can’t remember where you parked? Smartplug™ will tell you!

Download and drive

Once you have plugged in your Smartplug™ you can download our app to see all your car information and access the connected services. You can also see how your car is being driven. If you don’t want to use the app then you can still access all the services and benefits of the policy through a website link we will send you.

Get it on Google Play Available on the App Store

Smartplug™ is compatible with Apple, Android and Microsoft devices

Our Policy and what’s included

More intelligent insurance costs less. But that doesn’t mean it does less.

Smartdriverclub Insurance gives you a fully comprehensive policy, priced to match the way you drive. And as well as the benefits you’d expect, there’s a few you wouldn’t*. Like all the features of a free connected car. Smart new ways to drive and maintain your vehicle. And a range of optional extras like Motor Legal Protection cover or Breakdown Assistance.

*This is the benefits with one of our insurer’s on our panel, there may be a difference of cover based on which insurer you purchase a policy with.


Use of a courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired at one of our approved repairer garages.

equipment cover

up to £1,250 or 15% of the value of your car for CD player, radio, sat-nav or any other audio/visual equipment, as long as they are permanently fitted to your car.

European cover

with all the benefits of your UK policy, anywhere in the EU.

injury cover

up to £5,000 of personal injury cover for you and your spouse (per couple) because the only thing more important than your car and its contents is you.

car seat

up to £300 to replace a child car seat if its stolen or damaged in an accident.

Fire and
theft cover

if your car is stolen or is damaged because of an engine fire.

Windscreen and
glass cover

To repair or replace broken glass in your car’s windscreen, windows or sunroof.

belongings cover

For your personal items up to £100 in your car if they are damaged or stolen from your car.

The features above are included as part of your policy, however there are additional bolt-ons to personalise your cover.

Use the link below to discover more.